Hand #6832548
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Posted by: Anonymous
Submitted: 2017-07-18 03:58
Network: PokerStars

Hand info:

2017/07/18 15:52:41 CET [2017/07/18 9:52:41 ET]
Omaha Hi/Lo PL
'1965249561 70' 8-max

Table info:

IRichardI ($40,600)
Posts small blind $500
WAT_DA_PUK79 ($20,000)
Posts big blind $1000
ace kings103 ($86,906)
psitorch ($173,752)
BenWill0 ($30,292)
jimmy ricca ($47,314)
basiilik ($10,000)
matiz200 ($40,957)
Sitting out

Preflop: (Pot: $1500)

IRichardI's cards:
ace kings103 calls ($1,000)

psitorch folds

BenWill0 calls ($1,000)

jimmy ricca calls ($1,000)

basiilik calls ($1,000)

matiz200 folds

IRichardI calls ($500)

WAT_DA_PUK79 checks

Flop: (Pot:$6,000)

IRichardI checks

WAT_DA_PUK79 checks

ace kings103 checks

BenWill0 checks

jimmy ricca checks

basiilik checks

Turn: (Pot: $6,000)

IRichardI bets ($3,000)

WAT_DA_PUK79 folds

ace kings103 calls ($3,000)

BenWill0 raises to ($18,000)

jimmy ricca calls ($18,000)

basiilik folds

IRichardI calls ($15,000)

ace kings103 calls ($15,000)

River: (Pot: $78,000)

IRichardI raises to ($21,600) and is ALL-IN

ace kings103 folds

BenWill0 calls ($11,292) and is ALL-IN

jimmy ricca calls ($21,600)


IRichardI shows:

jimmy ricca shows:

BenWill0 shows:

jimmy ricca wins the pot of ($10,308 with HI: a flush, Ace high)

IRichardI wins the pot of ($10,308 with HI: a pair of Nines; LO: 7,4,3,2,A)

BenWill0 wins the pot of ($55,938 with HI: a full house, Fours full of Nines)

IRichardI wins the pot of ($55,938 with HI: a pair of Nines; LO: 7,4,3,2,A)

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