30% Rakeback
200% up to €1000
Twice the fun with access to two poker rooms. Redbet is licensed within the EU and offers a tax-free poker experience. Noted on the Swedish stock exchange.

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Get rakeback from both cardrooms at Redbet Poker

Redbet offers the opportunity to play on two different online poker networks ( Entraction and Boss ) at the same time, using just one wallet. The company that Redbet is part of is a large gaming operation listed on the Swedish stock exchange. The operation is in Malta which is within the EU (tax-free). Besides poker, Redbet offers a wide variety of gaming products such as sportsbetting, casino and games.

When creating a Redbet account through the unique links of HighstakesDB it is automatically tracked to receive the following:

  • 30% rakeback on both networks
  • Two €1,000 sign-up bonuses (described below)
  • Redbet's own rake races
  • Endurance races
  • A series of freerolls

The rakeback earned on the Entraction network can be cashed out daily directly from Redbet's website. The rakeback earned on Boss will automatically credited on the 2nd day of every following month (minimum requirement for payout is €30).

Redbet sign-up bonus
Since you will be able to play on two networks via Redbet, you are also offered a bonus on each of them. The size of these bonuses are 200% up to €1000, each are triggered by making a deposit together with the bonus code to each of the cardrooms from Redbet's website. The bonuses clear at the rates stated below:

  • Entraction - €5 are released for every 50VIP (€25 rake) earned. Trigger it by making a deposit to Redbet using the bonus code "entraction". You have 60 days to clear the full amount.

  • Boss Media - €10 are released for every €50 of rake. Trigger it by making a deposit to Redbet using the bonus code "FirstBossMedia". You have 60 days to clear the full amount.

Both of the bonuses are added on top of rakeback and other rewards, meaning that you will receive a minimum of 50% Redbet rakeback while they are still active.

Two steps to register for the rakeback / vip deal
Bonus code:
Use the download button and download/register your account from the unique link it opens.
The second step is optional. Return to this page and submit the username for your newly created account. This will allow us to ensure everything went right with your registration.
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