New layout
October 2011 is happy to release a completely new design and layout. The new site aims to make it easier for you as a user to post and share your hands with your friends and blogs, forums and social networks.

While more features will be released within the next few days, here is a selection of what's available already:

- Support for hand histories from more networks
- Front page and hand posting page migrated into one for quicker posting and easier navigation
- One-click forum/text/html conversions for posted hands
- A completely new and hopefully better looking design
- Quicker registration and login functions

Our developers are currently working hard to get more pieces into place, and we'd love to receive ideas on new functions and feedback on those already available. Feel free to send us your ideas here.

If you see a hand that doesn't display correctly don't forget to click "Report this hand to our developers" in the bottom right corner of the hand. We try to fix all reports we get in as quickly as possible.

Warm Regards, Team