Exclusive Poker Promotions

Here you'll find Pokerhand's current exclusive promotions. These offers are not available elsewhere on the web and to be eligible you need to sign up with the poker room through the unique links on this website. The exclusive promotions are purely added value for choosing Pokerhand as your affiliate, and will still let you receive the rakeback or VIP offer we have for the same poker room.
Select the poker deal for you

Winning at poker is more than just beating up on your opponents. Signing up for one or more of the presented poker deals on this website guarantees that you make the best use of your time at the poker tables.

The poker deals include both the best rakeback offers and first deposit bonuses. This is coupled with exclusive promotions that you qualify for just by creating your poker accounts through the unique links on this website.
What is rakeback?

Rakeback means that you consistently receive a portion back from the rake and fees you pay to the poker room while playing. Pokerhand has a wide range of the most competitive rakeback offers, ranging from 27% all the way up to 50% paid on a weekly or monthly basis. For many of the rakeback rooms you can also compete for additional value via exclusive rake races, bonuses and more.